How to move a washing machine easily

So, the decision has been made and you are faced with the necessity to move your heavy and bulky household items. One of them is the washing machine. First of all, ask yourself do you really need to transport your unit? It is very probable that your new home is already equipped by the washing machine and it is newer and reliable than yours. Check again your new home conditions and pay special attention to the household equipment. Compare units and define which one is the best. Maybe, you can run off the washing machine moving issues and cut your expenses.

In that case, just think about how would be better to deal with it: sale. donate, or just get rid off. This is also the solution and, maybe, it will be the best.

No doubt, that the best way to move a washing machine is to let professional movers handle the whole complicated process. You should remember that you have to: disconnect the unit;

Think twice are you able to do this on your own? Take into consideration that the washer needs special conditions to pack including an installation of the transportations bolts which you, most likely, tossed away many weeks ago.

Look at your house conditions. Are you ready to find a dolly for the washer move? Does it possible to move it through the stairs on your own? Are you able to lift the washer up from the basement? It seems to be not complicated but required of the serious physical efforts.

But there are several actions you are able to do.

How to pack and move a washing machine

The preparation process of the washing machine for the moving includes a few steps. Here they are:

Disconnection of the washer

Preparation for transportation

Clean your washer. Find the operation manual and transportation bolts. Research how to install the transportation bolts back to their places. This is a very important issue because of prevention damages of the washer machine drum which is placed into the device by springs. Skipping this step may lead to catastrophic damages during transportation. Pack the unit with packing paper and plastic wrap.

So, you are able to answer competently to the question how to pack and prepare washing machine for the move and you may do it on your own. But the professionals will make it better.

How to estimate the cost to move a washing machine?

Needless to say, that the professional services save us from many problems. Same is here, but the main issue of this approach is trust. It is hard to find a trustworthy moving company if you are not the professional in this industry and do not run in this circles for long years. If you are just a consumer the easy way to move a washing machine is to call to the professional services which help you to find the proven professional movers.

One of them is the the reliable online service which is specialized on the assessment, search and selection of movers.

The main advantage of the QQmoving service usage is the ability to get the average total price for your move in a minute. You have to use the free online tool which is able to calculate any kind of moving you need. The usage is very easy and intuitive. For example, you need to move your washing machine. For this, you have to insert your moving date, including your contact data and chose the washing machine in the list of stuff you need to move. Then you choose services you think you need and house conditions. In a minute you will get the estimate calculation of your moving. At the same time, your request will be sent to the local moving companies. You can be sure in trustworthy of these companies. All of them are certified and licensed for this kind of activity.

QQmoving is the easiest way to move a washing machine.

In a few days, you will get the average quotes from local movers. You have to choose the best price and conditions and contact them to require the free visit if representative. This visit is a must. Most likely, your possible movers will offer this by himself. Point is, that the representative has to estimate your house conditions in place. No matter, how long you will speak with him by phone this option is a must. You can't estimate your stairs, elevator, doors frame, the distance from your apartment to the moving truck parking form the mover point of view, except for the case you are the solid professional.

Thus, you can find the easiest way to move a washing machine. The advantages are obvious. You have not to worry about packing, moving, loading. It will clear your mind of various fears to be scammed and overcharging.

By using the QQmoving online calculator you may speak boldly that you find the perfect answer to the question of how to move a washing machine easily.

No doubt, you may use the rumors from your relatives and friends which moving company is the best, and it will be a very smart move but to one of them can't offer even average calculating of moving costs.

So, it's is strictly recommended to use this online tool. Moreover, it is completely free.

Have a nice day and stressless moving!